My Story

You can read my Bio and my profile. But this is who I am.

I’m mom to two magical boys, both too young to drive. I’m “wife” (bound by more than a decade of love, not paperwork) to a brilliant husband. I’m the only child to three parents, one of nine to the fourth. My grandmother is 102.

I was divorced; I was a single mom.

I battle a chronic medical disability.

I’m an attorney. Before age thirty, I’d argued cases before the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court (and won). Once when I was eight months pregnant.

I’m a unicorn: a female top-level executive in a technology company. I’ve handled the sale of a $200-million company (the good times) and later helped manage 350 employees through bankruptcy (the bad times). I’ve overseen the hiring and firing of hundreds, many of whom were my friends.

I’m a fan of leaning in, but I hear the female execs who are not.

I’m strong, I’m tough. Some say I’m a little scary.

I’m full of love and joy. I’m exhausted. Yesterday I was overwhelmed by PMS.

I'm a writer.

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