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This site is intended to help you find good quality books for boys. I don't mean school-reading-list-books (though those are getting better as teachers try to engage students), I mean books your kids will love so much they pick up the next book. The ones where they miss the characters when they reach the last page and wish the book kept going.

On the Books for Boys page, I list recommended Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction and non-fiction, plus some teen-appropriate titles from the most popular authors.  You could work top to bottom and have enough to keep a kid busy from age 8 to mid-teens, or pick and choose what sounds interesting. About 70% of the books recommended here have a male main character and point of view (the inverse of YA fiction at large, where 70% of protagonists are female).

In my Blog I talk about how my kids got into reading, how I help keep it going, and what's new in fiction and non-fiction.

Cara Edwards

I have twenty years of legal practice and executive leadership experience. I leaned in until I got tired and sat down. Then I wrote a novel (more on that to come).

I have two young sons who love to read.

I'm a first-time novelist, but I’ve been researching and writing for more than twenty years.  After getting a bachelor’s in Zoology from Miami University and a law degree from the University of Maryland (focusing on legal issues in genetics), I clerked for the Michigan Supreme Court. Ten years of researching, writing legal briefs, and battling in the courtroom as a partner in a premier law firm led me to become Vice President and General Counsel at a technology company, where I spent another ten years tailoring my writing to non-lawyers.

I have deep experience behind the scenes in academics, law firms, the courtroom, and Silicon Valley corporate intrigue, but my strongest interests lie in my science roots, especially genetics. I love hard science fiction in the vein of The Time Traveler’s Wife and Dark Matter, and I enjoy reading young adult fiction with my kids. When my two sons had trouble finding much age-appropriate fiction with a male protagonist, the idea for my first novel, The Subject, was born. I recently launched my website and Blog, Books for Boys.


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